The Cargill Ag Marketing Services Approach

Cargill Ag Marketing Services offers a comprehensive marketing approach, which can be broken down into four components.

1. Business Analysis and Planning

Your Personal Marketing Manager (PMM) will begin by taking you through a comprehensive discovery process to understand your operation, your preferences and your goals. Some of the information he or she will look for includes:

  • Acreage
  • Expected production
  • Costs and break-evens
  • Cash flow needs and income goals
  • Storage and delivery preferences
  • Long-term and short-term goals

Your Cargill Ag Marketing Services PMM will utilize tools like the New Customer Information Sheet to develop a custom profile of your farm. This information will be available on-line and will be used to provide recommendations for your operation.

New Customer Information Sheet

Cargill Ag Marketing Services New Customer Information Sheets

You will also receive quarterly and annual reviews to ensure your marketing plans and goals are in alignment with your operation.

2. Grain Marketing Plan Development

Your grain marketing plan is customized to your operation. Rather than fitting every customer into a template, your PMM will develop a list of personalized action items that will be your guide until your next meeting.

Cargill Ag Marketing Services takes a disciplined, long-term approach to grain marketing. We focus on cash grain sales including futures, basis and futures roll recommendations to help you achieve your marketing goals and manage risk.

Cargill Ag Marketing Services will also share insights and advice on crop inputs to help you purchase your needs when the time is right.

3. Regular Updates and Recommendations

Every day, you will receive a morning opening call along with a daily market recap and recommendation. Your reports include:

  • Market information
  • Trade recap
  • Domestic market update
  • International developments
  • Weather update
  • Recommended action alerts

You can see a Daily Report sample here.

You will also receive comprehensive weekly updates with additional in-depth information and technical analysis on market trends, global weather, events and other factors that may affect your marketing decisions.

You can see a Weekly Report sample here.

4. Action Tracking

Execution is everything. Your PMM follows your cash grain contracts, firm offers and exchange positions to give you real-time assistance with your marketing. With this information linked to your Farm Profile, your PMM will be able to know at a glance if your execution matches with your goals.

Discipline is critical and Cargill Ag Marketing Services continues to innovate new tools to help you better manage your grain sales. Remember, your PMM is always just a phone call away. He or she is happy to discuss with you any contract or move to help you stay on track with your marketing goals.

The Cargill Ag Marketing Services program is offered by Cargill Commodity Services, Inc., a registered commodity trading advisor.